Say What?! Beyoncé Can’t Headline My Wedding Video!


You binged-watched Beyonce’s performance of Coachella, and it gave you life and inspiration for your upcoming wedding! You select “Single Ladies” to play during your bouquet toss and can’t wait for the videographer to capture this moment and music in all its glory. When you receive your wedding highlight video….No Beyonce?!

A common question we get – “Can my favorite song to play in my wedding video?”

Even if “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran is *YOUR* song and “Formation” by Beyonce is the top choice for dancing clips, it would be illegal to use those songs. Copyright laws require videographers to use licensed music, and unless your favorite artist gives permission or has the song available to license, it is illegal to use their music in your wedding video. If we use a popular song on your video and you post it on social media, the video could be taken down and we could be sued. Who wants to be sued over a wedding video? NO THANK YOU! No matter who you choose to film your wedding, make sure you choose a videographer who is doing things the right way. Select a reputable company (may we suggest Modern Love Productions) who will go through the proper channels in choosing and licensing music.

At this point you might be thinking..if I can’t have that Selena Gomez song, then what songs can we use? Modern Love Productions and most reputable videography companies have access to expansive music libraries from websites like Soundstripe and Artilist that offer licensed music for wedding videos.

Websites like Soundstripe and Artlist have some mainstream songs available to license, but the large majority are songs from independent artists. They have songs available in every genre. So, if you’re a country queen or live and die by EDM, we’ve got you covered. We take pride in selecting the perfect music to enhance your wedding film. When selecting music, we use licensed songs that match the style of the wedding and your preferred genre. This means painstaking hours searching for that perfect song – but we love it!

If you’re still worried about the type of music Modern Love or another company will select -watch your potential videographer’s wedding videos. Watch a lot of them. Don’t just watch one or two. Watch 5, 6, 7! When you watch the videos, you will get a solid idea of what kind of music that particular videographer tends to choose. If you like what you hear, then hire them to capture your day and provide you a film with beautiful music.

Here’s one of our favorite videos with killer music!

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