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Modern Love Productions was founded from a deep desire to use our background in film to cultivate more autonomy in our lives - and born our of the lingering regret that came from not having a videographer at our New Year's Eve wedding (we know - we're still kicking ourselves).  Today, we love that we get to spend our time working with inclusive, often untraditional couples who believe that experiences - and not things - are the best way to enrich, evolve, and entertain.   Read our blog

Whether you're planning a celebration that's intimate and exclusive or bold and full of big ideas - we're here to capture the essence of your wedding day honestly and intentionally.

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"What a wonderful experience my husband and I had working with Michele & Osiris! From day one, they were extremely responsive and helpful. We are beyond thrilled with the finished product. Their calm demeanor and ability to work with other vendors was incredible. I recommend working with them with for SURE!!!! You won't be disappointed!"


- Monica & Zach



  1. We got hitched on New Year’s Eve (we like a good party)!
  2. We met in 2005 in Denver while in AmeriCorps NCCC performing a year of national community service. This led us both to careers in non-profit (food banks, early childhood and health care) and Master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Administration.

  3. We enjoy watching live comedy.  Whether improv, stand-up comedy, or sketch comedy.  When visiting any city, you can find us at a local comedy club.

  4. We love travel and adventure. We’ve white water rafted, zip-lined, climbed mountains and pyramids, and enjoyed many a food tour.
  5. We love being Florida Wedding Videographers, other things we love -Coffee and Margaritas.
Personal Branding


Videographer, Editor & Lead Colorist

I've always had an interest in photography, filming, singing, and acting (ask me about the time I was an extra in a scene with Meryl Streep...mainly because Michele is tired of hearing about it.) As someone who loves romantic comedies and thrives on big ideas, few things bring me joy like crafting the story of a wedding film.

With a Master's in social work and a background that includes traveling around the country assisting nonprofits, I'm always up for a challenge.  I can read a room like nobody's business, find the perfect song for your film, and love to take the lead and direct our clients when the time is right.  You can often find me behind the mic at karaoke night or sipping margs with friends (top shelf tequila, please) and you'll also find me at the 36.47 time mark of the movie The Laundromat on Netflix (you know, the one Meryl's in).



As someone who loves the art of observing, I've always been drawn to photojournalism and film. Growing up, I would steal away with magazines and photography books as often as I could, eventually going on to study photography and film - and winning "Best Documentary Film" and "Best Experimental Film" at my college's film festival.  

Today, I lean into the storytelling skills I honed as a filmmaker - and the calm-amongst-the chaos demeanor that served me well during a 10-year career in non-profits - to discreetly capture moments from your wedding without manufacturing or molding them.  I never  underestimate the  power   of keeping the mood light.  If you want recommendations for the best 80's synth pop music- or just someone to sit down and sip a Pisco Sour with - I've got you covered.

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Browse our work as wedding videographers in Miami and New York to gt a feel  for the experience we offer (spoiler alert: it's pretty amazing).

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We will match your donations up to $100


A national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth.


Improve the lives of homeless women, youth and children by providing sanctuary, support, education, tools and resources.


Our MISSION is to inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services.

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