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Wedding Videography in Miami and NYC

Every offering starts with our base collection—which includes two videographers, 8 hours of filming on the day, a highlight film, and a teaser film. You then have the option of adding on an array of enhancements—from drone coverage and full toasts to interviews with family members and additional coverage hours.
We always start by developing a deep understanding of your must-haves to ensure our filming reflects your priorities—and, when the day arrives, we work both discreetly and decisively to document all of the glasses raised, glances shared, and tears shed…while you worry only about relaxing, remaining present, and reveling in your celebration.
What Can I expect

everything for starters

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01. A Breath of Fresh Air
As a wife-and-wife team, we inject some much-needed energy and artistry into a space that tends to be stuffy and same-old. We take our craft seriously (but not ourselves), are incredible listeners, and welcome couples from all walks of life with open, eager arms. If you have a modern vision, a creative spirit, and an open heart and mind—we want to capture and share your story.
02. Meaning Over Material
We believe the best wedding videos can spark positivity in a world that’s often overrun with the opposite. We know the true magic and meaning of a wedding day lies in the gestures, laughs, glances, and connections—which is why we’re chasers of experiences, not things. We’ll always capture the “pretty stuff” at your celebration—but the heartbeat of our films comes from the people and energy that bring your event to life.
03. Top-Shelf Service
From the moment we arrive on-site to the hours we spend in our editing room (preferably powered by great coffee), we are methodical in the way we approach the art of wedding videography. Our eye for detail is incredibly honed, our spirit is generous, and our journey is elevated by the extra mile. Here, your film doesn’t leave our hands until there is no possible way we can make it better.

Ready for a team who can capture the energy and essence of your day with intention?

The best art stems from meaningful connection—let’s get a chat on the books so we can start nurturing ours. (Do you take cream with your coffee?)