Bridge and groom kissing at wedding ceremony


You’ve been waiting for your wedding day for months now, planning, saving, and envisioning your perfect day and first kiss. You’ve hired your favorite photographer and videographer to capture your ceremony. Nothing can ruin this day….. except Uncle Roberto with his Ipad. Tio Roberto stands in the aisle holding his Ipad and blocks the photographer and videographer from capturing the first kiss! What’s more, Tia Glady’s, cousin Papo, and all your friends from college are on their phones and holding them up high! To avoid feeling like your ceremony is surrounded by paparazzi, consider having an “Unplugged Wedding Ceremony.”


During an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony you ask guests to turn off their phones, and let the professionals (photographer & videographer), do what they do best, capture your wedding ceremony!


Here’s three reasons why you should have an unplugged wedding ceremony.



1) People are more present

It’s taken a year of late nights, and stressful emails/calls to bring your wedding day together and have friends/family celebrate with you. And still, Aunt Becky is texting Uncle Jessie who couldn’t be there. Why?!

Having an unplugged ceremony ensures people are present in the moment, enjoying your ceremony instead of thinking about that email from work.


2) Your photographer and videographer will thank you

You’ve paid the experts to capture your wedding, so let them do it! Otherwise, why bother paying them in the first place?

As a wedding videographer, our job is to film your ceremony, so you can relive the vows, first kiss, and the other great moments of your ceremony.

Rows of phones do obstruct and potentially block us from doing our job and getting the shot. It means we may not be able to see you.

Your ceremony photos may appear in an InstaStory or on Facebook! But typically, those photos and videos will probably never see the light of day. In reality, they’re destined to be deleted from that person’s phone six months down the line when they need space for their video of their prima’s wedding. You want a classic wedding video like the ones in our portfolio so you can relive your unplugged wedding ceremony over and over.


3) It gives you more to look forward to

When you get to see your photos and your wedding film, you’re going to enjoy them so much more than you would if you’d already relived your first kiss seventeen times in the form of facebook posts, and InstaStories.

Wouldn’t you rather relive your vows for the first time in high definition?

We know we’ve convinced you that an unplugged wedding ceremony is the way to go. How do you make it happen? We have two great suggestions


1) Purchase a sign announcing that you’re having an unplugged wedding ceremony
2) Instruct your priest/officiant/friend to announce that it is an Unplugged Ceremony before the ceremony starts.


Now that you’re armed and dangerous with knowledge, go Unplugged and have the wedding ceremony you’ve always envisioned.

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